Objectives & Functions

For effectiveness, every unit and department is saddled with various functions to ensure smooth running of the Local Government as we serve the public. 

Governmental Services

To provide immediate governmental services and to the common man at grassroot level.

Project Implementation

To initiate and implement projects so as to complement the activities of the State Government.


To provide educational services through the establishment and maintenance of Primary Schools, Nursery and Adult Education within the jurisdiction of the Council Area.

Community Maintenance

To take responsibility for the provision and maintenance of community and recreation centres.

Political Mobilization

To provide grassroot political mobilization.

Law Making

To make execute and adjudicate bye-laws aimed at regulating the activities of inhabitants of the Local Government Area.

Birth Registration

To take responsibility for the registration of births, deaths and registration of marriages which occur within the area of the Local Government jurisdiction.

Public Information

To provide information and public enlightenment services.